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APIS, our suite of post-construction services focused on Operational Excellence is the focus of our newest video-blog series. Last week, we focused on APIS Compliance & Operational Support, building a culture of quality and efficiency. Our fifth blog in this series is dedicated to APIS Crop Consulting, designed by engineers, and validated by growers.

APIS Crop Consulting focuses on the operational activities within the practice of cultivation and provides a cost-effective model backed by science and proven by data. During the pre-project phase, our experts work directly with clients to gain an understanding of the production requirements which is utilized as a basis for recommending an appropriate growing system. Custom irrigation and nutrient management plans with laboratory-backed recipes are developed for higher yields. Clients are advised on efficient and effective work processes and instructed on how to execute various tasks and activities for labour efficiency. Integrated pest management and scouting further protect against losses by identifying and mitigating issues proactively. Finally, advice and support is provided through monitoring and real-time climate data along with onsite visits, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

If you want to speak directly about how APIS can build an advanced crop consulting program for your cannabis facility operations, send us a message today!