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Last week, we introduced you to APIS, our suite of post-construction services focused on Operational Excellence! Our third blog post is dedicated to APIS IGM, software as a service. In a cannabis production facility, employees interact extensively with processes.  Many of those processes are automated. Schedules, production, efficiency, and quality can be difficult to optimize. Our extensive experience in the cannabis industry in Canada and other legal jurisdictions highlights a need for standards to evaluate performance.

Our APIS brand of IGM tools has three modules to empower cannabis growers to extract the most out of their facilities:

  1. Overall Performance Efficiency or OPE Module
  2. Climate Module
  3. Key Performance Indicators or KPI Module
Overall Performance Efficiency (OPE) Module

APIS’ OPE Module is cultivar specific. Each crop cycle is assigned a Batch Number.  Production data for each Batch is collected in the module. A Batch score is derived from the data indicating relative performance, availability, quality, and overall health of the facility. This approach allows operators to understand the effect of changes, Batch to Batch. With this understanding operators can fine-tune their processes, learning and improving with each Batch. We have found the facilities that take this approach are the ones that truly excel and outperform competitors.

Climate Module

APIS’ Climate Module collects data about conditions inside and outside the growing envelope including temperature, humidity, and light levels, all critical elements to production and quality. The Climate Module accepts inputs from existing instrumentation and can be supplemented with our suite of high-quality, calibrated sensors. Data collected in the Climate Module is tamper-proof, dashboards are secure, and users are authenticated. All of this provides the best production insight available and stands up to the most rigorous GACP, EU GMP, or any other audit standard.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Module

APIS’s KPI Module integrates and analyzes the data collected in the OPE and Climate Modules. KPIs are calculated for production, quality, ESG, and financial reporting. Dashboards can be customized for production personnel, facility owners, auditors, or any other stakeholder.

All together, APIS’ IGM provides a single source of truth.  This all-in-one platform integrates multiple data sets providing powerful insight, otherwise unavailable.  If you want to know more, we invite you to view the video linked at the top of the page.

If you want to speak directly about how APIS can unlock the potential of your cannabis facility, send us a message today.